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Things I like:


I really like it when things build themselves. With the use of modern tools for front-end development they can.


The entire internet is built with PHP. For all the flack it gets, modern PHP frameworks are more than capable for the vast majority of projects.


What did we even do before version control and deployment strategies? It was like, the dark ages.

Recent Projects


The task was simple, knock off NeilPatel's website. I didn't quite clone it, but built something very similar. Maybe I should release a WebinarJam theme or plugin...

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  • Magento 1.9x
  • dev/test/live deployment strategy with beanstalk
  • Implement automated inventory system
  • CSS3 :(
  • Linux Server Administration

A Magento build where the previous dev didn't realize the frontend was pre-processed. I managed to wrangle the stylesheet and give the home page a facelift, and reverse engineer a deployment strategy, but it wasn't fun.

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Ryders Eyewear
  • WooCommerce
  • local/dev/test/live deployment strategy via Pantheon & Kalabox
  • Gulp/SASS

The impact WordPress has had on the PHP ecosystem is undeniable. It's unlikely I would recommend it for any new projects, but I certainly have the experience to manage, extend, and maintain existing WordPress projects.

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  • WP engine
  • Custom Post Types & Taxonomies
  • Event Calendar and Google maps integration
  • Linux Server Administration

A real standard-issue WordPress build on a budget. A few custom post types & fields with heavy modifications to an existing theme's pre-baked functions.

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